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TAC Business Intelligence

Use data in a targeted manner!

Huge databases and overflow of data – In order to operate successfully in the market today, an understanding of complex data and contexts is essential. TAC|BI makes it easy for you to analyze and interpret important key figures!


Know your business

The simple navigation and clear user interface give you extensive insights
into your business activities and processes with just one click.

  • Easy integration of external databases such as weather, hotel software, budget figures
  • Creation of a platform in which an overall entrepreneurial perspective is possible
  • Automated reporting 
Time Saving
  • No confusing Excel lists
  • No cumbersome manual merging of data
  • Identify key data trends and patterns
Easy to understand
  • Analysis of relationships within seconds

  • Modern data visualizations

  • Meaningful and reliable information

Make an impact
  • Achieving strategic goals through targeted measures
  • Monitoring of the KPIs
  • Important planning tool


Intelligence – Live Statistics

Just get started with TAC‘s industry know-how!

With TAC|BI, as an innovative software company, we combine operational understanding with an analytical overview.


Spa & Activity




Access Control

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Business Intelligence Everywhere

With TAC|BI you always have your company data at your fingertips. In order to be able to make informed business decisions, it is important to know how your business works and which numbers are relevant for efficient management.

Together with you, we define the personal targets and key figures.

Intelligent data collection

Optimize product and service offerings

Detailed annual, quarterly, monthly and weekday analyses

Live Statistics.
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Intelligent data collection

With TAC Power BI, anonymous customers and purchases are a thing of the past. By combining information Non-personalized on-site purchases are linked to personalized data such as an online ticket or couchette reservations and the guest is automatically recognized. This puts an end to the annoying querying of the postcode at the checkout.

Thanks to TAC|BI, relevant information can now be identified from the abundance of customer data in a very short time. This puts an end to the search for a needle in a haystack – know your customers and know what they want!

Create transparency.
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Several locations

Transparent insights into your business! Sales overview across all companies as well as detailed filtering of individual locations. See which company generates the most sales and derive measures to optimize the services for the remaining locations.

International comparisons

Integration of external databases such as hotel software, weather

Overall entrepreneurial view

Clear and distinct.

Buying behavior

Recognize behavioral patterns – made easy with TAC Power BI. What, how much and how often does a certain type of guest use? Do day guests have the same buying pattern as hotel guests? Recognize purchasing frequency and behavioral patterns and tailor your marketing campaigns precisely to your target groups.This makes the inhouse experience unique for your guest.

Evaluations by guest types

Draw comparisons

Derive marketing measures

Know more about your customers.
Sales by

From a full-body massage to a stone  pine bath – you can see at a glance which treatments are most frequently booked by which group of guests. Optimize your offer and your duty roster based on the findings.

Sales by
Cash register group

Thermal Baths, gastronomy, wellness, fitness – you can see immediately, where your sales are being generated. Compare interactive self-service channels such as web shops, kiosks and vending machines with staff tills or restaurants.

Sales by state
and region

With TAC|BI you can increase your regional sales. Detailed distribution of sales for the individual regions – from individual guest types to the respective treatment types. This enables you to set targeted geo marketing measures in place.

Sales by gender

Create the perfect mix of offers – Who spends more money on which services and which gender do I address with individual treatments? Recognize similarities and differences and boost your sales with a targeted approach.

Visitor flow analysis

Power BI in combination with the access system from TAC makes it possible to measure and control your visitor flows. Reduce waiting times and coordinate your service at peak times. By analyzing the length of stay, you can offer higher visitor or customer satisfaction.

Check-in & check-out statistics

How long does my guest stay in the spa or thermal bath on average? Which day of the week or time of day is the most profitable? Optimize your roster creation and resource planning so that overcrowded times can be avoided!

Sales by weather

In which temperature range do I make the least turnover and could I counteract this with targeted measures? With TAC|BI you can plan with the weather and adjust your marketing campaigns exactly according to the weather.

Holiday statistics

The days with the highest turnover at a glance at any time. Easter, Christmas or New Year‘s Eve – which holiday is most popular and how many guests can  you expect? This makes employee and resource planning easy.

Sales table

Comparison of the sales in tabular form down to the smallest detail or clearly over the individual years. See at a glance which months are your top-selling months, so you can easily plan your next entrepreneurial steps.

Revenue by guest type

Do you actively pursue customer loyalty? Then it is essential to know who are the most important customers for your company. TAC|BI helps you to classify your customers according to their importance for the company.








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